Project Description

Name – Durrell Visitor Centre
Client – Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Location – Trinity, Jersey

In keeping with the Durrell conservation ethos, sustainability has been the central consideration in the design of the new Visitor’s Centre.

The existing building has been completely refurbished with the building fabric insulation upgraded to exceed current standards by 30% and with improved levels of envelope integrity achieved. Where elements of the original buildings were removed during construction, around 70% has been recycled either within the building or elsewhere within the Durrell site.

The building has been designed with a flexible layout that can be adapted to suit client needs, with the retail box designed in a manner that can be easily extended in the future should demand require.

A passive approach has also been taken to environmental control with the incorporation of Monodraught Monovents and openable rooflights; the use of rooflights and sunpipes wherever possible to bring natural light deep into the building and into internal spaces; low energy and LED lighting with daylighting control; solar thermal water heating and air source heat pumps.

Axis Mason acted as executive architects for the project, with the initial design concept undertaken by Ray Hole Architects.