Project Description

Name – La Rochelle
Client – Melcks Properties
Location – Grouville, Jersey

The existing building, dating from the 1930’s had been adapted, extended and subdivided over the years in a series of crudely executed interventions.

The alterations to the existing building were intended to restore a balance to the external form that had been lost in these earlier adaptations, with a more elegant, ordered form that recalls some of the proportion and detail of traditional Jersey Cod houses.

Earlier crudely executed balconies and dormer windows were removed, elevations stripped back and openings adapted to create a better proportioned, more ordered, symmetrical form. Timber bay windows were introduced at ground floor to increase the amount of daylight into the principal habitable rooms and to create a more formal frontage to the roadside approach.

A new entrance portico at the South elevation and the new stair enclosure on the North elevation serve to identify the principle entrances to the building. A new pool house was added at the rear of the property, as a simple barn-like structure that would define the edge of the new landscaped pool terrace and garden area, whilst remaining subservient to the restored main house.