Project Description

Name – The Willows
Client – Dandara Jersey Ltd
Location – Gorey Village, Jersey

This new residential scheme located at the heart of an existing historic village has been developed to emphasise the varied design and individuality of dwellings, and groups of dwellings, in order to extend the visual character and essence of Gorey Village.

The site layout has been organised as a more informal arrangement of roads and a sequence of spaces that will add to the overall visual interest and character of the development, establishing a particular sense of place within the wider context of the Village. The varied mix of house types, size and design and informal site layout make for a ‘less planned’ development and a sense that the site has evolved over time as part of the Village.

Particular emphasis has been placed on creating space within the site and particularly around the edges and boundaries. Proposals include a pedestrian ‘green lane’ linking the existing open space to the south-west of the site with the new Village Green; an open public space at the heart of the site that will include the existing mature trees, new tree planting, bench seating and space for playing.

This project was designed in conjunction with Dandara and Adam Architecture.


Photo by: Andy Le Gresley/Dandara