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Name – La Providence
Client – Dandara Jersey Ltd.
Location – St. Peter, Jersey
This development, located on re-zoned green belt land at the edge of Goose Green Marsh, provides a mix of 55 new homes for first time buyers and 45 homes for rent, together with extensive landscaped amenity space and community facilities.

The project is the culmination of an […]


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Name – Victoria Hospital Redevelopment
Client – Confidential
Location – Glasgow, UK
The masterplan consists of a mixed-use development of circa 395 residential units with ground floor retail space. The development comprises a series of linear and courtyard buildings with a varied skyline of between two to twelve storeys formed around a series of pedestrianised landscaped routes that cut through the […]


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Name – Leale’s Yard Masterplan
Client – Channel Islands Co-operative Society
Location – St. Sampson, Guernsey
The Leale’s Yard development site straddles the parishes of St. Sampson and Vale, west of The Bridge and St. Sampson Harbour. It is bound on all sides by existing properties, some residential and others of an industrial nature.

This proposal aims to create a […]


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Name – The Square Hotel
Client – Vijan Pilay
Location – Durban, South Africa
The Square, located in the heart of the newly developed La Lucia Ridge commercial district in the northern suburbs of Durban is a landmark property. The site and building benefitted from unique planning criteria that allowed for the revitalisation of the existing building and […]


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Name – Grand Hotel Extension
Client – Hillwood Resorts and Hotels
Location – St. Helier, Jersey
Revitalising one of the most important hotels in Jersey the proposals present an opportunity to redefine the Grand as an important visual landmark for St. Helier. Presenting a balance between respect for the character of the existing building and context and the […]


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Name – Albaraka Bank
Client – Albaraka Bank
Location – Durban, South Africa
These concept proposals for a new headquarters for Albaraka Bank were designed to offer high quality, modern office space to international standards, with a formal and material expression that responds to the local context.

The building is organized around the outer edges of the site, creating […]


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Name – Calodyne
Client – JP Developments Ltd.
Location – Grand Gaube, Mauritius
The proposed Calodyne residential development has a simple, linear plan form with easily identifiable apartment blocks, linked by two-storey townhouse pavilions. The design provides clearly defined public and private areas overlooking the landscape. The club house, located along the south-west site boundary, contains the edge […]


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Name – Co-operative Locale
Client – Channel Island Co-operative Society
Location – Grouville, Jersey
The new Co-op Locale at Grouville was conceived from the outset as a neighbourhood store serving the needs of the local community and this ethos has informed the design response with its restrained, contemporary architectural approach that draws on the grain and character of […]


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Name – Mount Richmore Lifestyle Village
Client – Mount Richmore
Location – Durban, South Africa
The defining design principle that informed this scheme was to create a fresh architectural language that stood out from the many gated residential estates in the area. This was achieved through a combination of clean lines, natural materials and a unique roof design, […]


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Name – Durrell Visitor Centre
Client – Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Location – Trinity, Jersey
In keeping with the Durrell conservation ethos, sustainability has been the central consideration in the design of the new Visitor’s Centre.

The existing building has been completely refurbished with the building fabric insulation upgraded to exceed current standards by 30% and with improved levels […]


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Name – Sylvania
Client – K&F Properties
Location – St. Lawrence, Jersey
This project, envisaged as a simple, glazed apartment pavilion set against the shoreline, provides seven dwellings with stunning coastal views located directly on the promenade of St. Aubin’s Bay in Jersey. The form is modulated and sub-divided by vertical white rendered walls which slice through the […]


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Name – Mulcaster Street
Client – Stephal Properties
Location – St. Helier, Jersey
The development is conceived as a series of stepped vertical elements that greatly reduce the overall mass of the building. The apartments are configured to form a u-shaped footprint generating an internal courtyard within the site. The massing begins at four stories in response to […]


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Name – Windward House
Client – Islands Development/Harcourt
Location – St. Helier, Jersey
Windward House is the final phase of the Liberty Wharf development and defines the southern edge of a new public piazza, its elegant curved form following the main arterial roadway to the south and protecting the public space beyond to the north.

The building adopts a […]


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Name – Belvedere
Client – Dandara Jersey Ltd.
Location – St. Saviour, Jersey
Axis Mason provided technical design and landscape architecture services for this new residential development on the site of the former Jersey Dairy in St Saviour.

The scheme adopts a restrained, traditional aesthetic that reflects the local vernacular tradition of pitched roofs, lead dormers, vertically proportioned timber […]