Our Gdansk studio is celebrating their 30th project with LPP, one of the largest retailers in Eastern Europe.  

The Axis Mason Gdansk team are constantly involved in exciting projects, expressing our creativity and practicing innovative techniques. The 30 projects that the team have completed with LPP are no different, it’s a pleasure to collaborate with a business that share the same ambition and values.  

LPP is the parent company of brands like Reserved, Cropp, Mohito, Sinsay and House. With around 1,800 stores in about 40 countries. They also implement innovations and export the Polish creative through to world capitals, from London, through Berlin, Moscow to Tel Aviv. Furthermore, LPP invest 80% of their profits in the national economy, which proudly represents their values.   

Our Gdansk team are pleased to be working with a company with such practices and have been partnering up since November 2017. Together, LPP and the Gdansk team have completed several exciting projects across Eastern Europe. We have designed stores and layouts in multiples towns in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia and Romania.  

Reaching this milestone is a highlight for our Gdansk team and they made sure to celebrate in the studio with some pizza and refreshments. The guys are certainly proud of the projects so far and look forward to further expansion in the years to come. 

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30th PROJECT WITH LPP | Axis Mason 30th PROJECT WITH LPP | Axis Mason

30th PROJECT WITH LPP | Axis Mason