Cyril Le Marquand House is a prominent 7-storey office development designed to enhance urban vitality through high-quality architectural design. Located in St Helier adjacent to Parade Gardens, this development offers versatile office spaces and public services spaces complemented by public realm enhancements and artwork.

The façade is defined by a robust vertical grid that organises the elevation into distinct bays. The use of solid stone cladding, resonant with Jersey’s architectural heritage, is executed with contemporary detailing, enhancing the overall design quality. The primary façade rhythm adheres to Georgian proportions, with varied stonework depths providing additional dimensionality.

A key feature of the building is its curved corner entrance, which echoes traditional architectural style and enhances its urban setting whilst improving the pedestrian flow and creates a more approachable frontage.

The upper floors are recessed, incorporating a sloping mansard roof, while the base level is distinguished by darker, textured stone. These considered architectural elements reinforce the building’s aesthetic and structural integrity, creating a refined interplay of materials and details.

Cyril Le Marquand House exemplifies exceptional urban design, revitalising a prominent site and contributing positively to the vitality and character of St Helier.