• Lokalizacja : St. Brelade, Jersey
  • Data : 2019 - current
  • Klient : Confidential
  • Stan projektu : Planning

Le Rocher Rouge is a new four-bedroom house located in Les Ruisseaux Estate, St. Brelade, Jersey.

The design of Rocher Rouge embeds the house into the hillside with clean, straight lines establishing a series of horizontal planes within the tiered, natural landscape.

A granite base emerges from the surrounding landscape and forms a strong relationship with its context, whilst the natural palette continues in earthy tones to the first and second floors. Full-height windows and an extensive cantilever at the second floor provide a sense of lightness and floating for the upper building mass. The zinc cladding on the upper level visually recesses the top floor from the rest of the building.

The internal layout of the house is designed so that the circulation space is at the rear of the property allowing every room a view of Ouaisné Bay, whilst protecting neighbouring privacy. Extensive terraces to the south and southeast blend interior with exterior and are also orientated towards the views of the bay.

ROCHER ROUGE | St. Brelade, Jersey | Axis Mason

ROCHER ROUGE | St. Brelade, Jersey | Axis Mason