As the world is slowly returning to workplaces, it’s only natural to go back to the old way of doing things. However, this is an excellent opportunity to introduce new habits to your work culture. Something like the ‘Think Before Printing’ campaign, which encourages team members to consider if the material is necessary to print.  

This campaign aims to reduce the use of paper, ink and electricity in workplaces by reminding others that they don’t always have to print documents, emails or webpages and can share them digitally. Sharing information in digital form is also made easier day by day with the advancements of technology.  

As an architectural team, we are surrounded by plans, drawings, CGI’s, brochures and so on, but we have realised that these do not have to be in physical format but can be shared digitally. We are aware that unnecessary printing is damaging the environment. Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds as a business and we urge others to join the ‘Think Before Printing’ campaign.  

Across our entire Axis Mason team, we have introduced a banner to our email signatures. The banner simply reminds others in our internal and external contacts to ‘Think Before Printing’.  

To learn more about the campaign and to get your own banner visit