Working with Ashbe Construction, we have completed work on 16 3-bedroom houses in La Rue de la Mare Ballam for first time buyers. Finished in July, the two storey houses adjacent to St John’s Primary School on the village’s edge, are constructed with timber frames, rendered blockwork and granite features to establish a stylish, sturdy, and homely presence.

We led the design of the development, oversaw the construction, and coordinated much of the landscaping and external works. The result is a welcoming development of homes set within a spacious and thoughtfully organised rural setting, offering first time buyers dependable and accessible properties. With three bedrooms, a private garden, garage or car port, and two additional parking spaces, each home is adequately equipped for comfortable living in a carefully landscaped setting. Generous tree planting and selected plant species combined with the retained mature trees along the South boundary and the natural screening established with traditional walls and hedging create privacy for neighbours. A new pedestrian footpath also connects the development to the school and the future sports field.

A traditional ‘Clos’ style permeates the site’s arrangement and design, with slate and pantile roofs blending with the village context. Artwork by local sculptor Mark Guest has been positioned facing the courtyard entrance into the development, giving the buildings a dash of charm that enhances the visual experience of the residential space.

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CLOS DE LA BOUT | Axis Mason CLOS DE LA BOUT | Axis Mason

CLOS DE LA BOUT | Axis Mason

CLOS DE LA BOUT | Axis Mason CLOS DE LA BOUT | Axis Mason CLOS DE LA BOUT | Axis Mason